2 Ways How to Save Video from Facebook to My Computer Easily

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How to Save Video from Facebook to my computer – although now upload a video to Facebook have to go through the first review Facebook but the number of videos on Facebook growing bolder lot number. Many friends on Facebook are sharing interesting video whether it’s their videos or videos of others that most of the videos are taken from the popular site youtube. As Facebook users naturally sometimes there is intent to save the video however hindered by the confusion of how to do it, with the software or have the easiest way without using any software as I share this now. And it turns out that download video on Facebook it is easy way more or less the same way download videos on youtube.


Update your Facebook status with a video feature is a mainstay because anyone can speak more freely for expression. For the PAL who wants to download video videos that exist on social media sites such as Facebook Here there are 2 download method that will choose PAL and PAL to do both though without the help of software that is using the first page/website specifically for download video Facebook and the second is by way of storing the video as it does PAL store pictures on the internet. His second is indeed very easily that’s why anyone can do it. To prove it we just practice. Here are 2 How to download videos that are on Facebook is most easily and quickly without the help of software/applications.

How to Save Video from Facebook to my computer with the “Save Video As.”

  1. Please Login to your facebook account first. For example, here I use the Chrome browser, PAL also could use another browser such as Mozilla. If buddy finds interesting videos on Facebook. Typically video Facebook will play automatically when in the scroll to the middle section. If the video has yet to play the middle part of the video clickHow To Save A Video From Facebook To My Computer
  2. After the video spinning right click the mouse on the video and select“show video URL” 
  3. Please Copy the Url of the video.
  4. Pastekan video found in a new tab before opening the URL buddy, please replace https://www. With m.
  5. Open/enter the video URL and play the video. 
  6. When rotating the video right-click the video and select “Save video as”
  7. Live click “Save” and wait for the download process. 


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How to Save Video from Facebook to my computer with the help of the site fbdown.net

  • Please sign in to your Facebook account. All you need is to know the URL of the video to Facebook that will be downloaded. In the same way, the previous way above i.e. click the video select “show the URL of the video. Then Copy
  • Open the site FBdown then paste the URL of the PAL copy of yesteryear into the column as shown in the following
  • Then just choose the video format that is low. (low quality) or high (high quality/HD) usually get the PAL size will be different small means less of ultrafine high please click one of them to download their videos. 
  • Completed.



That’s the last how to save Video from Facebook to my computer if you want to try the site other than the one I was above you can do so atthe following sites, how almost similar like the tutorial above please go to the list of sites below.

  1. http://facebookvideoz.com/
  2. http://www.downvids.net/
  3. http://savevideo.me/
  4. http://savevideo.me/

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