45 Funny Questions to Ask Cortana

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Funny Questions to Ask Cortana – Cortana was produced as a private assistant, combining a couple of of the easiest capabilities of Siri and Google Now. She can assist you with varied strategies, like setting alarms and pointers, getting instructions, making telephone calls, ect., nevertheless, she additionally reveals some indicators of a personality. Cortana provides amusing replies to a variety of questions and voice instructions. Here’s a listing of precisely what we’ve found up till now, thanks to on-line discussion board threads comparable to this one.

Funny Questions to Ask Cortana

About her

How previous are you?
Precisely what are you?
Do you might have a sis?
Precisely what’s your story?
The place do you reside?
Are you able to prepare dinner?
What are you sporting?
Are you fairly?
Are you attractive?
Are you fairly?
Are you intelligent?

About you

Will you wed me?
Might I kiss you?
Who’s your supervisor?
What’s the easiest telephone?
What’s the easiest os?
Precisely what’s your most well-liked music?
What’s your favourite tune?
Precisely what’s the easiest pill/ telephone?
What’s the most effective laptop system?
What’s the easiest search engine?
Who’s higher, you or Siri?
Precisely what’s a lot better, Google or Bing?
Which is a lot better Cortana or Siri?
Is Lumia the easiest smartphone?

About Buddies/Associates

Precisely what do you consider …/ Do you want …
– Microsoft Office, Google, Siri, Apple, Google Now, Google. Xbox, … Satya Nadella, Prices Gates, Steve Ballmer
Do you perceive Siri?

Basic questions

What’s the response to deep area?
Why Cortana?

Halo issues

Inform me about something to do with Halo
Are you in Halo 5?
Are you Cortana from Halo?
Do you like Grasp Chief?
What’s rampancy?
Which Halo online game do you want probably the most?

Offensive questions/ instructions

You’re terrible.
You’re bizarre
Do an impression
Do an impersonation
Wonderful Early morning.
Good evening.
Howdy, HAL.
Might the Pressure be with you.
You’re scorching.

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