How to Control Your Wi-Fi Connected Roomba With Alexa or Google Home

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  • “Alexa, inquire Roomba exactly what it is doing.”  With this, Alexa can allow you to know exactly what the Roomba is upward to, while it’s cleaning, trusting, or charging.
  • To restrain your (or********************************************************) together with the Echo, you are going to want to empower the Roomba Alexa ability. To do this, head to this connection and click on Enable. (*******).

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    How to Setup and Use the Roomba Alexa Ability

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    Each one of these commands collectively do virtually everything that the Roomba program can, except timetable cleanup jobs. As Alexa abilities go, it is  pretty dang handy. (*******).


    Linking your Roomba to Google Assistant is a tiny bit different. In sequence to do so you will need either a telephone or tablet computer running Android 6.0 or over that’s Google Assistant onto it, or an iPhone using all the Google Assistant program. (*******).

  • “Alexa, inquire Roomba to move home.”   This may ship  your Roomba backwards to its home channel to fee.
  • (*******).

    How to Connect Your Roomba to Google Home or Assistant

    To put this up, open Google Assistant and state “request Roomba to begin cleanup.” Google will inform you that your (or********************************************************) accounts isn’t connected and provide you a button to connect your accounts. Tap this button. (*******).

    On the following screen enter your own (********************************************************) accounts credentials and click on “Log into.” (*******).

    After the ability is enabled you can use the following controls:-LRB-*********)

  • “Alexa, inquire Roomba in which it’s.”  This  control will create your Roomba exude a tone so that you may locate it if it is stuck under furniture or missing in a different area.
  • Then, you will be motivated to log in to your own (********************************************************) accounts. Input your credentials and click on “Log into.” (*******).

    Today it is possible to use all the exact same voice commands which you use for your own Alexa ability above.   You can use these controls from any device with Google helper on it such as your telephone, tabletcomputer, and Google Home. (*******).


    • “Alexa, inquire Roomba to start/stop cleaning.”  This can start or finish a cleanup job when  you desire. Should you cease a cleanup job, Alexa will probably ask if you desire to ship your (or********************************************************) back to its own channel.
    • You are able to command your (or******************************************************)-linked Roomba in your telephone, but in case you’ve got an Amazon Echo or Google Home (or a telephone with Google Assistant), then it may be even simpler. Here is how to command your robotic vacuum with only your voice. (*******).