How to Remove or Replace Footnotes in Word

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How to remove footnotes in Word(*****).


You’re working on a record in that footnotes are added. You find that a problem. Some of those notes have been numbered and others. After trying to fix this with success, you eventually solve to delete and reinsert them. Needless to say, it is all about deleting them in one surgery rather than just one by one manually.


  1. Create a copy of the record in arrangement to possess the text of the footnotes (to get a copy and paste at the end of the process)
  2. Proceed to the Start of the original record
  3. Move to that the Edit menu > Search innovative Search and replace
  4. At the Replace tab > look up box > kind ^ F
  5. Don’t type anything in that the Replace from box
  6. Click Replace All
  7. Then add the notes properly (Insert > Notice)
  8. Copy and paste the text from these notes in the backup created at the beginning of the process



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