How to Screenshot On hp Computers And More With Great Ease

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How to Screenshot on a hp computer – The Screenshot was taking pictures on the screen of the monitor of a laptop-like gadget smartphone or computer

For you who need to do screenshots on a PC/laptop-powered Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 7.8, up to 10 Windows, reserved free brands want to brand what could be, you can take a screenshot with some of the ways that are very easy to do. Windows 8 to Windows 10 could be made a screenshot with a keyboard shortcut.


Take Screenshots Of Your Computer Screen

Windows Logo + Print Screen (PrtSc)

To take a screenshot in Windows 7, and Windows 5.0, and Windows 10 press the Windows Logo + Print Screen (PrtSc) simultaneously on the computer keyboard. Instantly, you will see the screen flashes briefly.It is a sign that a screenshot has been taken.

Then where the screenshots folder location? It is set in a private folder picture.

Then how do I take a screenshot in Windows 7? For those of you Windows 7 users, you can take a screenshot with this next way.


Print Screen

Users of Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 5.0, and Windows 10, can do it this way. Press the Print Screen. After pressing the button, you have taken a screenshot but is stored in RAM. This means that you have picked it up and cut its screenshot. To display it, you have to paste the screenshot has been taken to wherever you want, for example, Microsoft Word or Paint or whatever it is.


Alt + Print Screen

In the same way as before. Press Alt + PrintScreen, and paste the screenshot was taken. However, the way this just take a screenshot of active window only. The taskbar and the other can not be taken screenshots.


Snipping Tool

On Windows, there is a built-in application called Snipping Tool. This handy application to take screenshots and create annotations. To find this application, search through the Cortana (Windows) or go to Start and type in “snipping tool.”

how-to-screenshot-on-an-hp-computersamples of screenshots using the Snipping Tool


PAL may also take screenshots using the best application, i.e. the PicPick. Picpick serves the complete user convenience features for picture taking screenshots on his PC. Picpick itself has the appearance that resembles Paint, but with more features.

With PicPick, we could take a screenshot with a different type of screen size. Picpick editor applications have his screenshot. Buddy can also add watermarks on a screenshot taken.

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That’s how to Screenshot on an HP computer and other brands as well there are several ways that we can do to take pictures of the screenshots. If the friend does not bother to do it manually, use the results to the best screenshot PicPick.

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