how to take a screen shot on laptop

How To Take A Screen Shot On The Computer And The Laptop Very Easily

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How to take a screen shot on the computer and the Laptop – Screenshots or also called screen capture is an activity take a picture from a device include computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets, and so on. Screenshots can be either desktop design, images, websites, or other design we want. The simple purpose of taking screenshots is to show the information on the picture, whether it be photos or writings.

Mostly we take pictures of the screen and then save them into a file or simply copied and placed on the worksheet. To photograph a computer screen (screenshot) then save it into a file photo, shaped our lives simply capture the screen of the monitor and then take a picture. And when we do not intend to save it, that achieve the results can be directly entered on an application that requires the image, e.g., placed on Microsoft Word.

How To Take A Screen Shot On The Computer using a standard keyboard

How To Take A Screen Shot On The Computer

How to take a screenshot in this way is very simple and easy, you just need to do some easy steps by pressing a key on the keyboard and then save it, the following measures:

  1. The first step you need to do is please you see your keyboard then locate and press the Print Screen (prtsc) at the same time press the “Alt” button also by doing this step then you will capture the image in full screen.
  2. The next step please open the application edit photos on your computer and then paste and please save the result image screen shot last in the folder where you want to

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How to take a screenshot on laptop with easy and simple

how to take a screen shot on laptop

Actually, to how to take a screenshot on a laptop just the same as is done on the PC, you can also use the above on your laptop, or you can also use the below ways, stride is quite easy and simple,

  • The first step, please press the Fn key + Print Screen simultaneously, after which you select the size, or the screen anywhere you need, or you want to save it in the folder that you want, you can also directly copy and paste in forging or file you want to place the image without you have to save it first.

How To Take A Screen Shot On The Computer using the help application

How to take pictures on a computer screen or laptop you can also use the help software or application, can the default application on your computer or application you can download the application on the internet for free, please check out how to take a picture of the screen with the help of the application below.

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  • Take pictures of the screen using the snipping tool

Snipping tool is a software application is the default PC or Laptop that you can use to take pictures on the monitor screen of your PC and laptop, snipping tool application has the same features with the trick of taking screen shots use “Fn + Print Screen”, which we can set the size of the screen image will we take it or save it, but not everyone knows the existence of this application because it is not located on the home screen , to be able to run this application please refer to the steps below.

  1.  Please press the windows key
  2. Then type in the search box “snipping tool” eating snipping application will perform his tool
  3. Please “snipping tool” click to run or take a screen shot or screen capture
  4. Next please set the size of the screen that you want to take pictures of her as a way of “Fn + print screen” and then save

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  • Do a screen shot using the “Snapshot.”

This snapshot is actually the same functionality with the snipping tool, but the difference is simply you should download her first, and to download the application you can search on Google, but my suggestion if the device PC or Laptop you can take a picture of the screen with a method Fn + Print Screen, you do not need to install the application snapshot, but it’s all your choice, and it’s up to you
That’s the reviews concerning how to take a screenshot on the computer and the laptop can we pass on hopefully can provide benefits, and thank you
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