How to Transfer Whatsapp Messages from Android to iPhone

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I recently made a change from Xperia Android to iPhone I moved the vast majority of the information such as text, contacts, photograph, videos, etc from my own Android to brand new iPhone using all the ‘Relocate to iOS’ program. But regrettably, it couldn’t move WhatsApp chat background from Android to that an iOS apparatus)

How to Transfer Whatsapp Messages from Android to iPhone


App/program pointed out from the above mentioned guide worked for me and replicated all of the WhatsApp discussions with attachments from my own Xperia (Android) to my new iPhone Sixes. Based to the information provided on the website, it may proceed WhatsApp talks from any Android gadget to iPhone provided that your iPhone has iOS 5 or afterwards like iOS 10, iOS 11 or alternative most current iOS variant. It is probably the same Backuptrans tool which you are discussing however I am sorry to tell you that I could not locate any other app/software, especially a completely free one which may move WhatsApp chat background from an Android to an iPhone. So here we go:-LRB-****)

  1. Open WhatsApp in your Android, proceed to Settings > Chats > Chat Backup and click on Back Up button to backup all of your chats. And now make it possible for USB Debugging style in your Android. It is possible to find a lot of tutorials on Google which will let you know how to allow it in an Android gadget in case you don’t familiarized with USB Debugging.
  2. Join your Android apparatus to the computer program and follow all of the onscreen guidelines until the program define your Android tablet computer and reveal your WhatsApp chats.
  3. Now it is time to connect your iPhone to your pc through USB cable tv. Just be certain that you have WhatsApp program in your iPhone along with your phone number confirmed prior to you join your iPhone to your own PC. Last, select the database and then restore messages from the database to that your iPhone.

WhatsApp also makes it possible for you to email your chat conversations to your email and it is entirely free.

But, these discussions wont look in your own iPhone’s WhatsApp program) There are a number of programs like “WazzapMigrator” which can proceed WhatsApp from iPhone to Android however they don’t transfer WhatsApp messages from Android to iPhone. I hope it will help!
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