How to Unlock Your Kevo Smart Lock Without Your Phone

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Obviously, that is kind of a last ditch attempt, and I am imagining a buddy would not be overly especially thrilled about you downloading a program to their cell phone. Hopefully it is a fantastic buddy and they will give you a hand anyway.

As for locking your door on the way from the home, all you’ve got to do is tap on the Kevo to get it to lock, provided that you have your phone in your person. Therefore if it doesn’t lock, then you understand that you probably forgot your telephone and can return in to get it. And hopefully you are smart enough not to leave the home with a telephone which has a dead battery.

Well, good; today you’ve to take a spare key with you all of the time just in case. However, the reality is, you most likely already take a keychain filled with keys with you anyway, particularly in the event that you’ve got a vehicle. Therefore the trouble of getting to include yet another crucial to that your installation likely is not a major thing.

The Kwikset Kevo largely depends on your smart phone for unlocking and locking, however what if your telephone expired or you just forgot to bring it with you when you left the home? You are not entirely out of chance, and using two or three preventative steps, you may rest easy knowing that it’s still possible to unlock your door even when your phone is not able to assistance.

Retrieving that spare key may be a pain in the back end should you lock yourself out of your home…but at least you will be capable to reunite on your property.

In case you do not have access to that a spare key, nor the telephone, there is still some hope left. As a final resort, it’s possible to well ask a friend if you’re able to borrow their phone, download the Kevo program, sign in with your own (**********************************) credentials, and then use their telephone to unlock your door. Ever since your electronic eKeys are secured to your own Kevo accounts as opposed to your telephone, this will do the job.



Borrow a Buddy’s Phone(*******).

But, in case your phone battery expired, you forgot your telephone, or you misplaced it, you might be wondering how the hell you are likely to enter your own residence. There are two or three things you can perform.

To do it, you are going to want to remove the inside cover onto the lock and find the little change board (as pictured above). From that point, turn on change #2 by acquiring a pencil and pushing up on the tiny switch.


Locking Your Door Without Your Phone

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Today, do not do the clear and conceal your free key under your doormat or on your porch light fixture, as people are evident places where burglars would seem. Rather, hide it someplace that is not near to your front entrance, like someplace along the trunk of your residence. From that point, conceal in a place that nobody would believe to seem, like interior of your grill or perhaps somewhere underneath your huge air-conditioning unit.


But, should youn’t take a keychain on you, it might nevertheless be a fantastic idea to have accessibility to a spare key, rather by concealing it somewhere out of your residence.

But in the case that you don’t have your phone on youpersonally, or it is dead and you want to lock the door, you are able to make the most of Triple Touch Lock, that will be a characteristic on the Kevo which permits you to lock your door with no telephone being existing.

The Kwikset Kevo may nevertheless behave as any conventional deadbolt would–it’s a conventional lock which unlocks and locks using a standard key (that can be included with all the Kevo), entirely bypassing the lock smarts. So no, you are not totally screwed if your phone expires or you do not have it with you.

Kevo greatly depends upon is your advantage to lock and unlock your door without even having a physical key. Instead, it employs a combo of your phone’s Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and GPS to discover if you have came home and are close to the front door. If that’s the case, you may tap on the lock to immediately unlock it. Otherwise, then the Kevo stays unlockable.


Utilize Your Actual Keys (Duh)

From that point, Triple Touch Lock will be empowered and everything you need to do is tap on the lock three successive times to lock your door.

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