In Japanese Animation, Sleep Is Frequently Indicated Not With “Zzzz”s But?

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Reply: Snot Bubbles

Keep in mind that time if you fell asleep and blissfully blew huge snot bubbles out of your nostril whereas slumbering away? No? Effectively then, clearly you’re not a sleepy anime character. The entire slumbering-snot-bubble bit is a specific trope you’ll hardly ever, if ever, see in Western animation, however seems very often in Japanese animation.

The picture seen right here, captured from an episode of Pokémon, is an ideal illustration, for those who’ll pardon the pun, of the phenomenon the place sleep is indicated not by floating “Zzzz”s (because it usually is in Western animation), however by a rhythmically inflating and deflating bubble. Though seen as gross by Western viewers, the illustration is perceived as cute by Japanese viewers.

Picture courtesy of The Pokémon Firm Worldwide.

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