The English Dialects Found Within Ireland Are Collectively Referred To As?

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Reply: Hiberno-English

At this time’s trivia query is a slam dunk when you’re Irish or when you’re a language historical past buff, however for everybody else, a little bit of rationalization is definitely so as. The English language first got here to Ireland within the late 12th century, driving on the coattails of the Norman invasion, however it took centuries for the language to take maintain and much more centuries for it to displace Irish as probably the most spoken language within the area.

Phonologists and linguists as we speak divide the ensuing dialects of English spoken in Ireland into 4 or 5 overarching courses of dialects or accents: Ulster accents, West and South-West Area accents (together with the Cork accent), varied Dublin accents, and, as a facet impact of upper mobility in trendy instances, a comparatively current supraregional accent that outcomes from a melding of traits from particular person regional accents. The umbrella underneath which all of those accents exist is named “Hiberno-English”, a reputation that may be a direct nod to the historical past of Ireland.

The Classical Latin identify for Ireland is Hibernia, a reputation adopted from Greek geographical accounts of the area and introduced into well-liked use by the Roman historian Tacitus by way of his 1st century guide Agricola. What’s notably curious concerning the phrase Hibernia is that it exists in trendy instances solely in obscure references to Ireland (similar to the subject of our trivia query as we speak). Not like most areas within the area with Latin names, the Latin identify by no means caught and Ireland retained its pure identify (the trendy English identify is descended from the Irish names “Ériu” and “Éire”).

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