The First All Digital Film Featuring Performance Captured Actors Was?

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Reply: The Polar Specific

Performance seize, additionally referred to as movement seize, is a kind of film magic whereby actors put on a particular swimsuit coated in markers or sensors (superior efficiency seize additionally contains facial sensors too). A multi-camera recording rig is used to report the actor from a number of angles concurrently after which the knowledge captured from the actor’s efficiency is fed into a pc. This info, in flip, is used to partially or fully pc render the actor utilizing pc graphics.

The good thing about the tactic, over merely rendering the actor from scratch, is that physique actions and expressions are extra fluid and life like. The character Gollum within the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit movies was created utilizing efficiency seize strategies, letting the authenticity of the efficiency and the good performing of the captured actor, Andy Serkis, shine via.

Whereas many movies use efficiency seize for some components of the movie, the primary all-digital capture-based movie was the 2004 vacation movie, The Polar Specific. Actors like Tom Hanks, Eddie Deezen, and Leslie Zemeckis had been fastidiously digitized utilizing in depth efficiency captures after which fastidiously inserted into the film. Whereas some individuals did complain in regards to the uncanny valley impact with a number of the animation, the efficiency seize did a superb job of transferring Tom Hanks’ vitality right into a digital world, and the movie was a field workplace hit.

Picture courtesy of Warner Bros. Footage, from The Polar Specific behind-the-scenes bonus footage.

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