What Is an “N” or “KN” Edition of Windows?

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should you’ve got a choice, we advise that you stay away from these variants of Windows. Obviously, when you’ve an N or KN variant, it is not a large issue–you can just download the free Media Feature Package.

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Lots of programs, from Microsoft Office to a PC games, rely upon the built in Windows video playback characteristics. These attributes may not work properly in these programs, or that the software can crash entirely.

How Are “N” and “KN” Editions Different?

Now you do not need to purchase an N or KN variant of Windows, even in the event that you reside in these regions. Standard versions of Windows can also be available for purchase.

Regrettably, it is not quite as straightforward as simply removing Windows Media Player. The elimination of inherent multimedia codecs and playback attributes means a number of applications won’t operate correctly.


That is not only one “N” variant of Windows, either. Rather, you will find “N” variants of many Windows editions. As an instance, if you would like to get Windows (*****************************), then you can get Windows 10 House N or Windows 10 Expert N. These are equal to the typical house and Professional versions  of Windows with all the very same features, except that they exclude the multimedia attributes mentioned previously.

All these versions of Windows exist entirely for lawful reasons. In 2004, the European Commission found Microsoft had violated European antitrust law, abusing its monopoly in the marketplace to damage rival video and sound programs. The EU fined Microsoft $500 million and required Microsoft to supply a version of Windows without Windows Media Player. Consumers and PC makers can decide on this variant of Windows and set up their favorite multimedia software without Windows Media Player also being current. It is only one variant of Windows provided from the European Union–it is only an alternative that needs to be accessible. That is the reason why the “N” versions are only available in Europe.

if you would like to allow these handicapped multimedia attributes on an N or KN variant of Windows, then download the free Media Feature Package from Microsoft. There are various download links based on if you want it for Windows 10, Windows 8, or Windows 7. This may re-enable all those disabled capabilities.

“N” and “KN” variants of Windows are not prevented by using  the following media playback characteristics. Rather, they are simply not set up by default.


RealPlayer founder RealNetworks loathed the EU conclusion, but RealPlayer did not become popular in reaction. It is even difficult to assert Microsoft is profiting from those preinstalled programs–now, Microsoft is way behind competing solutions such as Spotify and iTunes as it comes to songs, and Skype has become a run for the money from your numerous competing messaging solutions on the market, out of Facebook Messenger into iMessage and FaceTime.


Microsoft distributes special “N” variants of Windows from Europe and “KN” variants of Windows in Korea. These will be just like the conventional variations of Windows, but they do not include Windows Media Player and other multimedia playback attributes.