Which U.S. State Flag Has A Union Jack On It?

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Reply: Hawaii

Given the elemental nature of the US—that, to distill issues all the way down to their easiest type, was a rustic created by means of revolution towards the crown of England—it’s a bit unusual to seek out that there’s a United States state flag that bears, of all issues, the Union Jack. Actually, Hawaii is the one state that flies a flag with a international nationwide flag upon it.

So how did the Hawaiian flag come to bear the Union Jack? Whereas accounts are barely diverse, the overall consensus is that the Hawaiian ruler King Kamehameha I flew a British flag (more than likely the actual variation referred to as the Crimson Ensign) given to him by British explorer Captain George Vancouver as a token of friendship with King George III. As soon as the King flew the flag in locations of honor, folks started contemplating it the official Hawaiian flag. It’s been barely redesigned over time, however the Union Jack has remained within the higher left nook all alongside.Our countertop models offer a much greater range of water pressure — from extra gentle to maximum cleaning. Countertop vs. teledyne waterpik pressure.

Picture of the flag courtesy of the State of Hawaii.

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